Play to earn
Be ready
We strongly believe that building something together also means revenue for everyone involved, and we are passionate about blockchain and what level of transparency this can offer.
Building a four-pylons structure for the EARN system is an excellent foundation for building a long-term project that will be auto-sustainable and add value to everyone involved.
No matter what role you are going to assume, we firmly believe that your contribution to the success of the project should be rewarded.

50.000 $ESTAR is distributed daily to all the games in the ecosystem.
• Each game will have a play to earn system in place that gives you the possibility to earn $ESTAR via gameplay. The distribution will be done based on the number of players and can be decided via community voting. More $ESTAR you have in your Stake, the more voting power you have.
• All you need to play the games is an NFT from the collection, and you can mint, buy or rent them from other players.
• We envisioned a split between free reward tournaments / events and paid ones, giving everyone the freedom to choose the challenge they want.
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