Holder's Council
$ESTAR Staked generates more value for the ecosystem, pushing the price upon the exchange, so staking is one of the core mechanics that we think add value to our token.
• Each game will generate revenue via gameplay in $EGLD, $ESTAR, and other Tokens that will be distributed to our holders based on their stake.
40% of the revenue goes into the gameplay and liquidity pool.
40% of the revenue goes to staking reward
10% of the revenue goes to DEV.
10% of the revenue goes to buyback and/or burn $ESTAR.

Is our DAO System where you will be able to vote on the upcoming gameplay and business decisions of $ESTAR Ecosystem.
Gives you also the power to submit a proposal that can be voted on by the holders.
Here you will have also the balance sheets and inside information about the ongoing $ESTAR distribution and upcoming investments.
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