$ESTAR Tokenomics
• One of the core values of the $ESTAR is that it will be used around multiple games. So with a fixed supply in place and our games becoming more and more popular, you can see the value of $ESTAR increasing over time.
60% distributed via gameplay gives you insight into how we are working to create something amazing, and you can be part of this just by playing our games.
• Holding our NFTs gives you benefits even before the game is released. When announced, each game will have a reward pool that will airdrop daily $ESTAR to the holders until the game is fully released.
• This gives you the possibility to enter the ecosystem and enjoy other games in the meantime.
• Holding $ESTAR gives you control over the destiny of the ecosystem. Staking your $ESTAR gives you the voting power and can impact future action.
The total supply is 310.000.000 $ESTAR tokens, and it will be distributed according to this schema.
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